Bay Window Curtain Pole

When you decide to place curtains over the bay windows in your house, you’ll need the right set of bay window curtain poles to match that. Most likely you are not a home decorator yourself, since you are looking around on this website. So we are going to help you you’re your bay window curtain pole!

Choosing your bay window curtain pole

There are many different brands and types of curtain poles. Since every placement situation is different we cannot give you standard information. To make the room look nicely it is important to find a curtain that fits the color and the material of the curtain pole. The most basic curtain pole materials are wood, stainless steel and plastic. Since a bay window usually brings in a lot of light, it might be nice to pick a curtain fabric that is light and in a soft color.

When choosing a pole, it is important that it stretches over the entire are of the bay window and covers it completely. If the curtain pole is too short, some of the window won’t be covered. If the pole is too long it will stick out and make the curtain look too small. Either way your room will look funny and that’s a waste of the nice bay window. The general poles are either 120 cm or 180 cm, although some stores will be able to supply different sizes. When the provided pole is too small, you can stretch it with a connector and if it’s too long you can make it shorter. Since you are looking for a bay window curtain pole, you will need to buy flexible bay window corners. With these it can be placed against the wall properly.

Measuring the length of the pole

To know which curtain pole sizes you should be buying, measuring is key. When measuring a bay window you will need the following tools: measuring tape, protractor and a ladder. The easiest way is to make a drawing of the bay window on which you will be drawing the lengths and angles. This way you won’t forget any parts and will be able to picture it in the store. Normally you start at the final end of the pole and measure every angle. Note, some stores might use different measurements so make sure you converted the lengths to the right one.

Bay window exceptions

If there is a radiator in front of the bay window it is important to decide on which side you want the curtain to be. It looks better when the curtain is in front of the radiator, but it also blocks the heat from the radiator. We don’t have exact numbers of the heat loss and of course it is different for every bay window. When you decide to have the curtain in front of the radiator you will need a longer projection. You can also measure this part and pick between the 12 cm projection or the 6 cm projection.

When you buy a bay window curtain pole, make sure the rings to attach it to the wall are included. If not ask for them, since it is impossible to install the pole without them. Same goes for the extra brackets.